Debt Collection Solutions

Manage carefully uncovered debt is a need felt by many companies, especially when the liquidity availability of is necessary to ensure the management of the smooth flow of available financial resources.

When to proceed with debt collection is required it is important, also for the future, to take note about customers’ behaviors during credit negotiation and repayment plan. 

A traditional CRM is not usually managing the described operations, since they belong in part to sales and in part to accounting areas. At the same time, this information is useful in lateness conditions. topCollection is the right solution to manage carefully the credit.

topCollection is the right solution to manage carefully the credit in all steps: from the creation of possible "returns plans" up to to get in touch with lawyers to promote laws actions to protect creditors.

topCollection is an accounting processes downstream solutions, web based and able to interact with the most common ERP products.

Application Characteristics

topCollection includes the following functionalities:

  • Upload and storage of data gets from ERP about:
    • accounts balance
    • customers situation
    • customers portfolios
  • Specific customers categories definition, in order to manage diversified recovery procedures
  • Workflow definition for credit collection procedure execution, based on different customers categories;  
  • Expired and discontinued entries definition;
  • Selection of invoices that have to be expedited
  • Automatic execution of operations defined in the workflow
  • Tracking of recovery actions; this area can be stored:
    • Customer calls notes and/or communications;
    • Sent documents and agreed recovery plans (the latter are sent back to the ERP when defined).
    • Bad credit assignments to Lawyer
  • Monitoring of credit recovery tasks progress; this feature allows to exchange and update documents between the Company and Lawyer Studios


topCollection is a web based application developed on Oracle 11/1; it can be set up on  XE, Standard Edition or Entreprise releases, depending on customers’ requirements and data volume.

Customer interface is based on DHTML/Ajax and Java.

topCollection can be installed in any platform where all named products are available.

topCollection is a Tema Sistemi Informatici original product and it can be easily adapted and implemented to cover each customer’s specific requirements.

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