Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

We are a team that cares about our customers’ satisfaction.

We develop custom software solutions, to face up the different challenges in processes digitization, we are able to study and create information subsystems to satisfy customers specific needs.

We adopt software development methods that allow the incremental implementation of applications. Thanks to these methods, customers can to use the application while its  refinement is implemented following customer practical requests.

Our software is produced using development environments that can allow applications to be used by virtually any operating system, on premise or in cloud.

In more detail, we have consolidated skills in the development of applications using Oracle Forms and Reports, Java and Oracle APEX.

As regards to APEX, we developed interesting applications for both managerial and technical usage.

Software development carried out using the APEX platform allows to produce applications equipped with:

  • a modern front end in line with the development of web programs
  • a responsive structure that can be also used by mobile tools
  • a cloud simple infrastructure
  • particular attention to safety regulations
  • a reasonable operating cost

APEX platform produces transactions with an attractive and responsive user experience. Moreover APEX is the efficient and effective solution to modernize applications written in Oracle Forms and Reports. APEX allows the reuse of existing applications business logic residing on Forms. It is therefore possible to recover a large part of investmente made in application code and to supply users with a new and modern interface preserving in the same time the existing functionalities; users will not be required to be retrained on a new system saving time, risk of user initial rejection and waste of money.

If you want to know something more, please look at the on demand video about the event organized by Oracle where our company partecipated as Oracle Partner. WEBINAR APEX PER LO SVILUPPO LOW CODE E LA TRASFORMAZIONE DIGITALE


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