cfp – Cash Forecasting and Planning

The tool for short term financial planning.

cfp is a financial planning tool that cannot be missing on the Treasurer's desk

cfp helps companies to manage financial needs in short / medium time. Analysing flows trends is possible to understand how to manage future loans or how to use company money.

cfp determines the cash flow considering:

  • payables and receivables at the due date
  • credits and debts defined in terms of amount with estimated due date
  • estimated amounts and due dates

cfp is the useful tool to manage financial resources to face up different situations


Made with user needs in mind it allows:

  • To prepare the company cash flow, having as result the balance of financial position at the end of each defined period·
  • To manage financial resources, and decide which resources to use to finance negative flows and/or  how to manage cash surplus·
  • To efficiently deal with all types of credit lines·
  • To manage exchange rates


Made with Companies needs in mind it is:

  • Customizable to meet specific companies needs. I.e. it is possible to define cash flow structure, data treatment methods, rolling budget’s items·
  • A stand alone solution that can be integrated with any ERP or any accounting system from which is possible to extract data in Microsoft Excel  structure·
  • Usable via web·    
  • Based on Oracle database (min. rel. 11.X)
  • cfp is an original solution developed by Tema Sistemi Informatici and  can be customized according to customer’s specific needs 

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