Financial and Management Area

Financial and Management Area


We released in year 2000 the first version of our ERP  arpa wide working only on Web technology.

Today  release 3.0 is a crown jewel of our offer, thanks to its easy customization, the available vertical Integrations, the solutions scalability and its total integration with our content management system.

Arpa Wide is structured to best satisfy the needs of middle and large enterprises, but  offers to any sized organization the opportunity to work with an ERP that can immediately support  their needs and give a reliable help to their business growth.

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Electronic Invoice (according to italian legislation)

Digitization of documents concerning delivery and invoicing of goods and services  is entered with force in business processes. Thanks to electronic invoice its is possible to reconsider and restructure all company processes.

Smart-Ei is the solutions to self manage the electronic invoice process (domestic legislation).

Thanks to its ability to interact with your ERP and thanks to its document structure Smart-ei archive all documents and pres rve them in accordance to the law.

This solution is availbale only in domestic market

Cash Forecasting and Planning

Any company needs to forecast its financial needs in short / medium term. Especially nowadays it is increasingly necessary to understand how to manage loans and money. A platform capable to automatically calculate Debt Service Coverage Ratio and more, is a financial planning tool that cannot be missing on Treasurer's desk.

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Top Collection

Credit collection is an operation that requires  the knowledge of client’s habits. A great help in determining the best strategy to be succesful in credit collection is to examine any similar transactions previously conducted. topCollection is a solution capable to manage all credit recovery steps, including legal practice. topCollection can be used via web,is natively integrated with our Arpa Wide system but it works fine with any other ERP.

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