About us

Who we are

We are a team who loves to innovate

We have been offering innovation since 1986, the year of our foundation.

We continuously study and experiment to be always a step forward of customers' needs.

We analyze the way activities can create new value and consequently define new efficient digital processes able to make the value available.

We develop software frameworks and we customize them to obtain the best to cope with Customers' needs

Our first job is working on process digitization and business management solution

We have customers in Italy and abroad

We come from the past century but we look to the future.

From 1986 to nowadays

Milestones of our history

1986 - Welcome Tema Sistemi Informatici!
1987 - First experience with Oracle Database release 4.0
1988 - Release of the first client - server system based on Oracle technology for sales management of a Customer in Food and Beverage Industry
1989 - Release of the first flights announcement system at Florence Airport
1994 - Study and realization of an integrated management system based in Oracle for a motorway Concessionaire.
1995 - Study and realization of a graphic system for Branch control management of an Italian Bank (on behalf of Olivetti)
2000 - Release of arpa Wide, our web based ERP solution
2001 - Oracle Open World – Milan – Presentation of   "From legacy system to B2B through process reengineering"
2004 - Release of Top Filer 1.0, our web based document management system
2006 - Study and realization of "Take off" project - mobile warehouse management system for a Mnufacturing industry customer
2008 - Study and realization of a complex document management system for a Multinational Customer based on topFiler framework
2011 - Tema Sistemi Informatici is finalist at SMAU award - Padova
2013 - Release of Pec Filer 1.0, the entreprise management of certified e-mail
2014 - Tema Sistemi Informatici is the winner of ICT Innovation Award - at SMAU Firenze;
2016 - Top Mailer release 1.0 our CCM Multichannel system.
2019 - Release of cfp - cash forecasting and planning - to plan financial flow
2020 - Release of FSDS - Field Service Digitization System - the solution to manage field activities with the possibility of using an authenticated signature.
2021 - Release of pielReport - pdf report development system, completely managed in PL/SQL.

We would love to hear from you.

email: mailbox@temasistemi.it 

phone +39 055652841