Processes and system architectures

We are working on the domestic market since 1986. Along this long way, we have gathered a huge amount of knowledge, expertise and professionalism on the business consultancy arena.

Our skills are available to our customers to help them on following tasks:

Process Analysis: in order to get all the advantages that the modern processes digitalisation can offer, it is today required like never before to analyse in a deeply way the actual Company’s processes, so them can be rewritten in the new way.

Information System: an accurate analysis of the system architecture and the design and realization correctness of the apps could impressively increase the efficiency and effectiveness level of the information system, simplifying the control activities at the same time.

Consultancy Service in Oracle Area

We offer consultancy services to plan, optimize, install andmanage Oracle database. We offer professional competence about data analysis, ransition from conceptual to physical structure, Oracle database management and PL/SQL and Oracle Developer programminig.

Tema Sistemi Informatici S.r.l. is Oracle Partner

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