Software Solutions

Software Solutions

All companies goal is to overcome the competitors offering something more and better than others.

Uniqueness, efficiency and responsiveness are required to be successful.

A software that perfectly matches company needs is highly recommended to help reaching these basics goals

Our software solutions are based on original frameworks of absolute reliability.

They are, easily and quickly customizable; this means that our Customers can obtain  at reasonable cost the best solution to work efficiently. Yes we say at a reasonable cost because software cost is important but it is paid just once; inefficiency cost is paid all the time.


Financial and Management Area

We want to support the area with robust and reliable solutions. For this reason we created different products based on real customer’s needs.

arpa wide, the adaptable Enterprise Resource Planning ERP able to cover the main functions required by company organizational processes

cfp, the solution to manage business financial planning

Smart -Ei, the solution to self manage the electronic invoice process (reserved to domestic market)

Top Collection, the solution to manage effectively debt collection operations

Content Management Area

Digitization of documents concerning delivery and invoicing of goods and services  is entering strongly in business processes. To help customers to handle this fact  we created the following solutions to satisfy all digitized documents management needs:

topFiler, the solution for document management addressed to big and middle companies

bFiler, the solution for document management  within anyone range

pecFiler, the Entreprise Management solution to manage certified e-mail (domestic market)

topMailer, the solution to deliver massive documents


Efficiency and timeliness are two characteristics required for technical interventions and commercial activities, for this reason we created

fsds, the framework to develop applications dedicated to users working on field

Technological Area

In any company, data is essential for making and sharing decisions, for this reason we created:

pielReport, a development platform to realize virtually any kind of report (including in this term PDF reports and Excel Files).

quExec, to give very fast replies to users who often request “fast and dirty” information based on existing data.

Starting from your needs we garantee uniqueness

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