Software Solutions

Software Solutions

All companies goal is to overcome the competitors offering something more and better.

Uniqueness, efficiency and responsiveness are characteristics required to be successful.

To help reaching these basics goals a software that perfectly matches company needs is highly recommended.

Our software solutions are based on original frameworks of absolute reliability, easily and quickly customizable; this allows to achieve the best solution to work efficiently at reasonable cost.

Software cost is important but it is paid just once; inefficiency cost is paid all the time.



In year 2000 we released the first version of our ERP  Arpa Wide, working on Web only.

Today the release 3.0 is a crown jewel of our offer, thanks to the easy customization, the available vertical Integrations, the solutions scalability and its total integration with our document management system.

Arpa Wide is structured to best satisfy the needs of middle and large enterprises, but Arpa Wide offers to any sized organization the opportunity to work with an ERP that can immediately support  their needs and give a reliable help to their business growth. 


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Credit Collection Solution

Recovery of not paid receivable is an activity that is better done when supported by a good knowledge of the Customer and when all information regarding the issue are immediately available and updated.

Frequently the best credit collection strategy can be defined considering any previous similar transaction made with the Customer. topCollection is a solution that manages all receivable amounts recovery stages, from a simple collection letter up to recovery actions made by a legal Department or a law Office firm.

topCollection is a web based solution that may be easily integrated with any E.R.P. and is, of course, natively integrated with our Arpa Wide E.R.P. system

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Customer Communication Management

Companies that need to send thousands of documents are still looking for the right Partner to entrust service execution, but this solution could not be so convenient when adopted in a very high volume of documents environment.  

Since the documents are dematerialized, printed by the final service supplier just before the delivery and the delivery status is available for the ordinary mail too, it is convenient to use a solution as topMailer. It is able to manage automatically all the sending activities regardless the channel chosen by the recipient (form traditional mail up to email and SMS); when the data is available, it also displays on the dashboard the delivery status. At the end, the R.O.I. figure of this solution is very interesting!


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Nowadays companies that need to improve their processes efficiency and effectiveness need to go digital. It means avoid analogic information as much as possible, using instead digital information to classify, preserve and share information composed by data.

This issue requires evolving the concept of document management to a company repository open to any kind of structures, becoming then the real “center of gravity” of the corporate information system, since traditional architectures are no longer sufficient for actual uses

For this reason we have developed and released a new system: TDR1 - Tema Digital Repository 1.

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Click here to discover topFiler, the document management solution 

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Certified E-Mail

Italian government has ruled a way to certify the emails by means time-mark and hash-mark systems. This kind of special email has a strictly legal value in Italy and can used in the court debates since sending a Certified E-mail to another Certified E-mail box has the same value of a registered letter. Following the Italian rule the business documentation, whatever it is, have to be conserved for 10 years.

Few people knows that Certified E-mail is an originally electronic document and, compliant to the rule, Certified E-mail have to be stored through the Replacement Conservation Procedures.

pecFiler manages secure enterprise Certified E-mail regardless of mails service provider and, moreover, controls over the use of communication method that may be very delicate.

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