Oracle APEX

Oracle APEX

What is Oracle APEX?

Oracle APEX is the "low-code" development platform. Oracle APEX minimizes manual code development and allows the creation of scalable and secure business applications

  • APEX is Oracle's main tool to develop Web applications with SQL, PL / SQL and JavaScript
  • APEX is extremely scalable and secure and in addition, is a component of Oracle Database
  • APEX allows to develop applications usable on Desktop and mobile devices
  • No additional cost with APEX; it is part of Oracle Database
  • APEX is 100% browser developed and executed
  • APEX applications are managed and stored in the database
  • APEX is available in local servers, laptop, cloud, cluster (RAC), high reliability (HA) and any other Oracle Database supported platforms

In addition:

  • APEX is the ideal choice to everyone who use applications in Oracle Forms and Reports and feel the need to modernize them, because:
  • it uses Forms’s business logic
  • migration time and costs are really reduced by reusing packages, stored procedures and functions
  • All APEX migrated transactions keep their original functioning
  • APEX and Forms can be used together
  • APEX has an inexpensive TCO
  • Making application using APEX is really easy to any Forms programmer

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