bFiler Cloud

The easiest and always available solution to manage and to share documents: on cloud

bFiler Cloud is a professional document management tool addressed to companies and professional studios. bFiler cloud is simple and easily customizable so all types of companies can take digitalization advantages through documents sharing.

No initial investment.

No software installation and management.

No troubles.

Designed for users

  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Easy and immediate documents upload

Realised for companies

  • guarantees  information confidentiality
  • customizable, according the way you work  


  • Multiple and customizable search keys
  • Text search into every single document content
  • Users profile definition, including documents consultation authorizations
  • Virtual folders can be set to store documents
  • Personal notes can be added to the documents


  • Administration Area to define users and roles, authorization levels, documents types, classification keys, folders structure
  • Document Management to insert documents and to set their classifications keys;
  • Search to find documents, including classification keys and text search into every single archived document


  • Define visibility level of each individual document
  • Documents cryptography

Discover all bFiler cloud advantages


The use of paper documents requires a lot of energy and time, just think about the amount of documents that are copied for internal use or the time spent by workers to find requested information. bFiler cloud is the solution to digitalize all documents that will be conveniently available from your desk.


Thanks to bFiler cloud, you can organize documents according to your business needs. We do not believe that a rigid workflow is the right solution; we want to help companies to classify freely documents based on their needs.


Thanks to offers diversification, it is possible to choose the solution that best suits the specific business needs. For this reason we offer different packets taking into account the number of uploaded documents, the number of users and the required volume (Gbyte).



Thanks to customizable search keys and confidentiality criteria, the archived documents are easy to search and protected by the security management, besides available to users at any time and from any device, on the move as well.

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