Technological Area

Technological Area

We are developing software using Oracle environment since many years.

Development tools available on the market are not able, sometimes, to fully meet developer’s  needs.

For this reason it happens, sometimes, to think to develop by ourservels the tools we need.

So we did, and went on identifying our needs and working for their satisfaction.

After having realized, tested and used our tools for a long time, we understood that they might be useful also to help other people.

By that moment we prepared and proposed those tools to the market (not exactely a small one) formed by Oracle Developers.

The development tools we are proposing are:


pielReport to program any kind of report (including in this term PDF reports and Excel Files).

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quExec, to give very fast replies to users who often request extemporaneous information based on existing data.

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Starting from your needs we garantee uniqueness

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