pielreport, the solution to program any kind of report, including in this term PDF reports and Excel Files

When developing any kind of application, report’s production is one of the more time consuming jobs. We often have to work to prepare complicated paper documents because, for instance, they need also to be elegant and to respect marketing requirements.

In other cases we need to output data in an Excel format to allow an easy follow up by the user. In these cases the availability of development tools granting a high level of productivity is an element who can significally improve software development activity.

pielReport is able to satisfy these needs and offers a superior capability to produce high quality reports using the language common to all Oracle Developers: PL/SQL.

pielReport performs a very fast execution of the report  at run time because it works directly within the database using the powerful PL/SQL engine.

pielReport can be used to easily produce any kind of report, from normal lists to complicated invoices. You may prepare documents containig images because it allows a complete control with all the elements composing the page like numbering, fonts etc.

pielReport permits also to compress the file to shrink its dimension and to reduce the necessary download time when it should be transmitted on the web.

We developed also some additional module to let developers be more and more productive using our system.

To make reports production even faster we prepared two different additional modules:

tgPDF  an additional module containing one set of templates who permits to automate programming from simple to complex PDF files outputs. In more detail templates supplied allow a developer to easily work with report in Tabular, Form, Master Detail in various combinations.

tgXLS an additional module by which a developer can prepare files Excel  compatible with Microsoft Office format, directly from PL/SQL without the need of any other software (tgXls lets you prerpare entire folders, not only single sheets)


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