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Oracle Apex: Low code application development managed by users

Thanks to Oracle we had the opportunity to present our solution developed in APEX

If”, is the interactive configurator capable to support metal shelving production, evaluating static correctness and resistance based on the seismicity of the area where shelving will be installed.

"If" was created on behalf of Rosss S.p.A. an italian company

Rosss S.p.A designs, produces and manufactures metal shelving for warehouses, self-supporting archives.

Click here to see the recorded event in which us and other three companies, spoke about concrete solutions created by APEX. Our intervention starts at 58° minutes and lasts about 20 minutes.

A lot of Italian’s IT newspapers wrote about this event.


If you want to know how to modernize FORMS & REPORTS applications with APEX, click here to watch our speech as testimonial of "Oracle Database with APEX for low code development and digital transformation" webinar

Why you should look our speech:

Users are looking for applications with a modern interface and a mobile device use. This request imposes to review the structure of Forms & Reports applications. APEX has a declarative structure similar to Forms one, so it allows to recover the business logic, to reduce development times and to maintaine the same operational logic. The key to success are: to follow a modernization method, to prepare a precise plan and to use a support of experience.



After the success of the webinar organized by Oracle entitled "Modernizing applications from Forms & Report to Oracle APEX" held on Tuesday 19 January 2021, we are pleasured to share with you the webinar recording where we take part as Oracle Partners.

To watch on demand webinar, please click here and take one moment to register for free.

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