Arpa Wide

A tailored ERP

arpa wide is an Enterprise Resource Planning suite composed by customizable software modules; their innovative contents are able to cover the specific features required by the businesses since the software modules can be adapted to the offices’ procedures, instead of to change the procedures according the software modules features.

arpa wide has been implemented in specific industries as road constructions, concrete prefabs, glass products, hospital sanitary products, engineering, public services concessionaires and more.

arpa wide is developed in Oracle Developer platform and Java and works exclusively on web; it can be installed on Cloud as well. It has innovative functional features: the information can be extracted directly on pre-formatted Excel sheets and the prints have PDF format. arpa wide is strictly connected to topFiler, the Tema Sistemi Informatici Document Management solution.

The modular and scalable structure permits to generate profits in companies that are part of Stock Exchange group, using IFRS_IAS accounting rules, as well as SME.

arpa wide financial and fiscal areas are compliant to European and Italian standards.

Application Characteristics

arpa wide is a modular and scalable product generated around a sophisticated accounting system.

Product application modules are able to satisfy and standardize the main processes: Receivables and Payables Accounts, General and Analytical Accounting, Assets Management, Financial Management, Company Performance Control. All these modules interact with topFiler document Service management and Operative Business Intelligence.

Account Receivable manages both catalog and order-based sales activities, providing all the basic and specific business functionalities. Two automatic procedures are also available, one for the usual billing and the other one to issue electronic invoices complying Italian rules.

Account Payable manages suppliers’ orders, short and long-term contracts, professional assignments and agreements; drafts goods or services receipts’ documents; drafts of petty cash book; manages the authorization to payment workflow.

All of the previous features allows archiving, managing and displaying documents without paper.

arpa wide

A sophisticated and complete module entrusts the financial planning and trust fund management, in its own various technical forms. It is constantly monitoring the financial performance (both commitment and earmark) without resorting to a separate registrations system, which often involve duplication of work, using the accounting system through innovative solutions.

A specific module supports annual planning activities (budgeting and reporting) that, working with Analytical Accounting, automatically generates final balance report respect the budget.

For those needing for a budget consolidation, it is available our specific product lineaSulinea that interacts with our ERP specific module.

arpa wide is able to receive information from custom systems through standard interfaces; thanks to its high level of personalization, arpa wide is also able to receive information from different systems.

arpa wide is completely customizable too, maintaining its own competitive advantages with respect companies’ requirements.

Vertical Integrations

arpa wide vertical integrations are growing as new customers’ requirements are required.

Among the available vertical integrations:

Service: in particular Training and Consulting, which includes a number of typical features, among them the analysis of contract costs and income.

Construction: this vertical integration allows analyzing deeply each single order by recording production costs and revenues, obtaining profit and loss account. The drill down navigation allows knowing all the details generating the economic results.

Concrete prefabs and Installation: it is addressed to manage orders, items lists, production and warehouse management and its related allocation system costs.

Flow Production: managing bill of materials, production plan and control and the costing system with standard cost allow to take under control the entire production cycle for all point of views.

Sanitary and Hospital Items: this vertical integration includes features devoted to the lots traceability.

Bituminous conglomerate or Concrete: a set of customizable features allow to check the effective economic control

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