The solution to deliver massive documents

Nowadays the communication systems are more and more oriented to use electronic documents and a variety of dispatching channels. Thanks to internet, it is possible to substitute traditional dispatch methods (mainly based on paper) with new ones such as Electronic Mail, Certified Electronic Mail, SMS and more, including dematerialized "paper" documents. The latter are also delivered through "Host to Host" postal services, such as Poste Italiane with which TEMA Sistemi Informatici has a collaboration agreement.

topMailer is our solution to dispatch company documents: it is multichannel, modular and independent by communication service provider.

topMailer receives documents from other systems, retrieving the documents' attributes and confirming the document completeness and congruity. Every single document is then automatically sent to the recipient by using the recipient's preferred channel for that specific type of document.

topMailer is independent from the communication service provider; in a market that is more and more liberalized and competitive, it allows the customer to have significant savings.

Application Characteristics


topMailer is composed by the basic module Communications Dispatcher, able to manage documents with a XML file who specify delivery details and several Agents acting to receive and send documents; it is highly customizable according the customer needs.

Customers could start with the basic module and, when necessary, get new features.

Available agents are:

  • Email
  • Certified Email (following the Italian rules)
  • T.P.
  • “Poste Italiane” Host to Host
  • Fax Server
  • Postel
  • SMS

When the data is available, topMailer manages the delivery results and shows them in the system dashboard, allowing the customer to take under control the whole process, as well as the failed deliveries that can be easily found and correct.

Technological characteristics and complementary services

topMailer is a web based system .

It is usable uniquely with a browser. User interface is established in Ajax/DHTML that allow a simple and an easy learning.

The logical parts of the application are Java Servlets. To be used our system required a servlet container (i.e. Tomcat); about database services is important to use Oracle release 11 or 12.

Complementary Services

In addition and to complete system application functiones are also available the following services:

  • For Host to Host registered mail follow up we propose a service to manage restitution paper receipts. The service is made up of:
    • scan of rejected receipts
    • re-coupling original message and linked receipts (to check reject and not documents) 
    • Management of rejected receipts with scan documents and rejection reason
    • File Preparation with documents and keys that will be delivered to the customer with physical receipts
  • Concerning SMN dispatcher we propose a direct forward service using a structure with high reliability to give the possibility to verify the delivery message.

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