quExec, the innovative tool to structure the results of the query

Have you ever happened the need to give a quick answer to a user that asks you to supply him with one "extraction" of data extemporaneous but urgent?

Have you ever happened to have to reiterate the extraction varying parameters as soon as the user  proceeds in his/her analyses?

Have you ever happened to think about equipping such users with one "bookshelf" of queries for extraction of data  that they can autonomously use when they need it?

If you have answered yes at least at one of the previous questions you may consider the idea to continue the reading of this document, because quExec is the product that could satisfy your users and simplify your job.

quExec is an innovative solution entirely usable by web that allows :

  • to make available to your user the data extracted from a Database Oracle or from other database obtained by a query, even complex; to define the parameters that the user can select at run time, to connect some List Of Value to the parameters of execution in such way that user is facilitated in the choice
  • to structure the results of the query in a flat structure, in a drill down, or adding columns that contain link to other programs or to generic URL that allows to receive data residing on other systems
  • to supply an output to the user on screen on PDF or on an Excel sheet
  • to automatise the production of query result by scheduling its execution and distributing the result by mail to a predefined number of user
  • to guarantee only the access to the information to those people who have the right, allowing query execution only to determined users or group of users and automatically creating entrance personalized in the query execution menu


Main features:

  • Availability of an authoring environment by which a programmer skilled in PL/SQL is able to rapidely prepare the query and the necessary output
  • Immediate availability of the application to user
  • Total freedom for user to execute query using all different parameters supplied by the application
  • Great flexibility of data output
  • Granular control over authorization to data access


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