Comprehensive Document Management System, for everyone

We help you to archive, classify, share and store information and documents, your most precious and delicate assets

In today's digitized world, anyone dealing with electronic documents needs a solution that allows to store documents  in a secure location and quickly and easily find them when needed.

We believe that every company should classify documents accordingly with its own methodology. For this reason bFiler allows to define AUTONOMOUSLY:

  • Document types and classification keys;
  • Name and structure of the storage folders;
  • Define users and their profiles, respecting internal hierarchies and business needs.

bFiler is also a SIMPLE solution that allows an immediate upload of documents from clients, but also a FAST search since it has multiple search keys, including the free text search. The encryption feature guarantees the SECURITY of documents, that can applied based on the types of documents.

Lastly, the modules for Archiving messages and Emails and for Electronic Conservation (legally compliant with Italian rules), make bFiler a COMPREHENSIVE tool in for the Document Management.

bFiler is used via browser, also with tablet. The solution can be installed on cloud or on premise at your IT department.

bFiler represents a good choice for those who needs to storage up to 80,000 documents totally and up to 20 simultaneously users.


  • Multiple parametric search keys
  • Textual search within every single documents
  • User definition and their consultation permissions
  • Creation of folders related to the document issues
  • Post-it like feature
  • Document encryption for specific type of document


  • Administration, for the definition of: users, roles, levels of confidentiality, types of documents, classification keys, folder structure;
  • Documents management, for the insertion and definition of their classifications;
  • Search, a powerful engine allowing finding documents ranging from: classification keys search to text search within the stored documents.
  • Electronic Conservation, (legally compliant with Italian rules)
  • Emails and respective attachments archive

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