The complete solution for document management

topFiler is the document content management solution covering all the customers’ needs suitable for all kind of documents.

topFiler allows to transform information into knowledge since:

  • It is always available regardless the place and the time, making the users able to search documents without interrupting what they are doing.
  • It is able to search information using different methods, including an advanced “text search” into the stored documents
  • It uses “metaphors” for the document storage; it allows the users to store - then to search - documents following its own usual storing rules (i.e. folder containing documents related to the same topic)
  • It is can acquire data already stored in the Company databases, in order to  classify and manage the documents
  • It suitable for organizations that are located in different countries, since the product messages can be set to use the local language.

topFiler is composed by a Base module and four optional modules: Register, Legally Compliant Electronic Conservation, E-mail, and Content Supply Portal

topFiler is a system developed on Oracle Rdbms.

topFiler Base Module

It performs the usual documents upload by means a document scan and file upload. It allows the document classification keys definition for its store and search; it includes the advanced “text search” function as well.

With the module is supplied an exhaustive documentation, containing the rules to connect topFiler to the others used applications. In that case, such applications will be able to store documents in topFiler automatically.

The topFiler administration is worked out by functions that allow easily defining a large number of document types and its own classification keys.

The same functions allow:

  • To define the type of document and to associate the classification keys. Provide validation code execution or LOV display using data on other business databases
  • To define users and its rules
  • To assign the documents privacy levels
  • To define archive folders to group different documents relating to the same topic

topFiler Protocol Module

It scans the inbound and outbound documents and gives them the protocol numbers. During the scan the document can be uniquely identified putting on it a bar code that will recognized by the OCR feature; thru such code others applications will be able to set the document classification keys, so it will be automatically stored with the right metadata. The documents are then sent to recipients by means distribution lists; the recipient can also forward the received documents to others and require to them actions execution; topFiler is able to monitor such actions execution and to inform the sender about it.

topFiler E-mail Module

The module allows storing email and their attachments avoiding the scan; topFiler acts as an email recipient and, moreover, is able to extract the main classification keys interpreting the email information.


topFiler PEC Module

This module is valid only in the Italian country since it refers to a special email defined by Italian government.

topFiler Legally Compliant Electronic Conservation Module

This module allows to select the documents subject to follow the electronic conservation procedure. The documents can be selected manually or selected by others methods as: document type, date, registry numbers, ect. Such procedure is totally complaint to the Italian Rules.

topFiler Portal Module

This module allows to share defined documents to remote users by means a web interface. The module is able to manage specific document, as well as the ones covered by privacy special rules since a two level user authentication is implemented; besides, a time-out management is encrypting such documents.

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