In a world of process digitization “Document Management” what really means ?

Imagine an economic system where digitization process is in progress
For a moment please neglect the fact that  most Companies are not taking any action about this
Neglect also the fact that entrepreneurial culture on this subject is at least unsatisfactory
And that most Companies underestimate the value of having documents at hand instead of spending a long time to find them
Neglect all of this for one second and concentrate on this question
In a world on which a document is going to be much more a collection of data instead of a readable thing  when will be the right time to take a decision to approach the new situation ?
And after that  where should be the right place of a Digital Content System within I.S. architecture ?
We need to reconsider and redefine the concept of document and the way it is classified and made available to all stakeholders



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