* Mob2go.it

Mob2go.it is our framework to deliver applications dedicated to users operating in the field


Mob2go.it allows to digitize the data acquisition process at the customer site for documents like contracts, technical interventions etc…, to record the relevant acceptance by the Client, to generate the proper documentation and to update ERP records

Mob2go.it makes more economical and efficient data collection process, update of database records  and, finally  production of the related documentation

Mob2go.it uses original solutions produced by our Company for the creation of documents, for their distribution and for the management of a valid acceptance of the contract or service made by the customer

Mob2go.it is based on Oracle Apex technology and on Oracle database; it means a powerful, secure, flexible platform on which we can quickly develop applications that can be installed either in Cloud and on Premise

Mob2go.it and our experience are the force that gives the right boost to the Digital Transformation of your business process