IVV Case Study – Supply Chain

To increase logistical integration with suppliers and the distribution network through a Supply Chain Collaboration application

The company

 IVV Industria Vetraria Valdarnese was founded in 1952 by a group of glassmasters its main business is home and gift production of glass products. In San Giovanni Valdarno factory, the company employs 115 people, of which 104 are members, and it produces over 1.5 million objects every year, half of which are marketed on foreign markets. Starting from 2009, IVV has implemented an industrial plan to relaunch its business: toghether traditional glassware production are now active two new supply lines dedicated to lightning (IVV Lightning) and to glass mosaics for environments decoration. All IVV products are made in its factory with the collaboration of about 90 Outsourcing Suppliers.

Brand Extension strategy- The application

IVV has implemented a Brand Extension strategy to improve product offerings to contiguous market sectors, using its industry expertise and the reputation gained in over 50 years of history. With the introduction of new product lines, composed of own produced products and others supplied by local companies, the complexity of commercial, logistics and procurement processes becames higher; processes could not be longer handled manually, through procedures based on the exchange of paper documents.

IVV adopted S2C application, realised with the support of Tema Sistemi Informatici - Oracle Partner - the application was integrated into Arpa Wide, the ERP system used since many years by the company. The ERP and the new application, fully based on Oracle platform (Database and Development Tools), uses a Web architecture and it is integrated with operational document management and business intelligence modules. The new application has intervened sensitively on the processes, allowing management to optimize the supply chain, acting on cost and customer service improvementing delivery times.

The application utility


From an operational point of view, the new application supports the IVV Sales Office in receiving and validating orders from customers to ERP. Depending on the approved orders, each supplier will automatically submit the list of the products concerned the related delivery instructions and the order request. Once the delivery documents have been issued, the supplier will be able to issue the invoice. The new application generates also the delivery documents (transport documents, delivery note, carrying out documents) that are automatically stored in the ERP modules supporting IVV accounting processes. Receiving documents in digital format that constitutes the automatic input to activate the billing process. All documents generated by S2C are stored in the documental system. Thanks to the complete and reciprocal visibility of the data, it is possible to manage suppliers logistics units in an integrated way, establishing the maximum cooperation with them. The application therefore offers advantages to all players in the chain because it allows to increase logistical and distributive processes efficiency improving collectively the perception of the value received by the customer. Data processed by S2C can also compete with the preparation of data marts that can be used as integrated Business Intelligence tools in ERP.


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